BD every day or every other day?

Toggle navigation. Categories Latest Sign in. Jan 7, PM in Pregnancy. Hi ladies, hope you are all well and happy. Quick question: can any of you remember how frequent you BD’d the month you got pregnant? Did you do it everyday or every other day? Is morning or night best?

7 surprising fertility facts

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So when TTC with the next two we BD’d every nightts and managed to get pregnant first month both times (much to DH’s dissappointment!) I.

When it comes to trying to conceive TTC timing is everything. Sure, all it takes is one sperm to get pregnant, but sometimes, there is a lot more to it than just having sex when you want to. There are fertility apps, ovulation predictor kits OPKs and other methods to trying to get the timing just right. Ross adds you could also have sex around days nine and 10 of your cycle if your cycle is around 28 days , but then stop until you have a positive surge so the sperm is fresh.

This is why you may still have a faint line on your OPK a few days after having a blazing red line. But when you do ovulate, the LH peak should be five times the usual amount you have in your urine. Using an OPK obviously helps you time intercourse to know exactly when to do the deed. How romantic, right? Thomas Ruiz , OB-GYN at Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California, tells Romper that if your average cycle length is 30 days, you can expect ovulation to be around day 16 of your cycle, but you can adjust calculations to your cycle accordingly by subtracting 14 days from your expected period.

An OPK will typically turn negative the day after you ovulate, and a negative test will show that control line being a little bit lighter than the control. But since most women have some level of LH in their systems, it may never be completely white, but just very faint.

The best time to get pregnant

If you are trying to conceive, you have probably heard many tips for getting pregnant and have a hard time discerning fertility fact from fiction. Which suggestions may actually help when you are trying for a baby? Fertility dramatically declines with age for both men and women. The trend of declining fertility starts after age thirty for women. By their late 30s women have half the fertility rate of women in their early 20s. Male fertility decreases most after age 50 but starts to decline at

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We’ve BD baby dance sex for 4 days straight, 2 days before O ovulation and 2 days after. To be on the safe side I’d like to cover 5 days before and after O, but I’m afraid to wear my poor DH dear husband out, I notice after straight days he doesn’t last a long, not as hard. Is it OK for us to go at it every day, or should we do it every other day for his swimmers to build up their stamina? Just scared that the “rest” day will turn out to be the O ovulation day!

We’re both 32, and got BFP big fat positive pregnancy test after 1 month with our first. EOD or every 3 days is the best bet to go. Worth asking your doctor about. I know there are quite a few women on here that their drs have told them eod especailly after an SA was done normal or bad even my dr said so. Part of this is going to depend on if your SO significant other has had a SA or not.

Everything You Need To Know About Ovulation

Log in Sign up. Home Community Getting pregnant Getting pregnant. BD every day or every other day? Curious for next cycle, me and my OH BD’d every day during my fertile window this month. Some people say this is great, others think this lowers sperm count..

Every day or every other day? Wait for the ovulation predictor kit (OPK) to become positive? Or when the basal body temperature goes up? To.

Having a baby these days means learning a whole new language. The world is moving so quickly that trying to have a baby doesn’t even require words. Now, modern family planning only takes a few letters. As in, what the heck is BD and why should I care? FYI, it means ‘ Bab y D ance ‘—time to get busy between the sheets! Don’t be left in the baby-making dark! Here are the top 20 conception abbreviations. Fingers crossed you end up PG — P regnant!

A Guide to Common Conception Abbreviations. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes.

How Often to Have Sex to Get Pregnant

We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Did every other this cycle during fertile period and will know by Thursday if it worked or not. Pregnant November and 32 weeks with my miracle boy.

Crazy how that works. Once the day of positive OPK and 2 days later.

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Jan 14, Fertility 0 comments. In other words, making a baby often requires planning, coordination, and a whole lot of timing. Marie D. Experts also recommend you embrace eating a balanced diet and take prenatal vitamins to improve outcomes for both mother and child. Many couples rely on ovulation predictor kits OPK to help them figure out when is the best time each month to get down on their baby dancing wink.

Guys might want to look into just how fertile they are, too. SpermCheck is an easy-to-use at-home kit that lets you test your sperm count and see where you are. The internet is filled with advice when it comes to figuring out the best time to baby dance. The right time of the year for making love: Interestingly, wintertime seems to be one of the more fertile times of the year. The colder weather seems to encourage baby dancing season, and winter time in general is a good time to snuggle up with someone you love and see what happens.

BD Everyday

You spend most of your twenties trying not to get pregnant, then when you actually want a baby, you realise it is harder than you thought. For every story you hear about someone giving birth without knowing they were pregnant, there are five more women desperately trying to conceive. There are only six days a month when a woman is fertile enought o get pregnant: ovulation day when the egg is released from the ovary and the five days before that.

It is down to the lifespan of the sperm five days and the egg 24 hours. The window is surprisingly small and one in seven couples in the UK suffer from fertility problems, but the reassuring news is that most couples — 84 per cent — do get pregnant within a year.

Since it is sperm and not egg that is affected by the frequency of intercourse, for a long time doctors believed that having sex every day might decrease sperm.

I have been BD’ing everyday for 31 days now because my periods are irregular and sometimes 42 days long. I just want to know to those who have BD’ed everyday for one cycle, did you get pregnant that cycle? A doctor once told me that the little swimmers need 2 days to rejuvinate and regain their swimming power quality. He said it is quality not quantity. I used to BD every 2nd day and i’m still not pregnant which is why i decided to try it everyday.

I have never done it everyday of my cycle, don’t think I could I am sure it would be too much for me. I did do it every day for about 5 days around O. Must be hard for you if you cycle is irregular. Have you thought about using OPK’s to try and pinpoint O? I’ve even heard of FSs recommending twice a day around O time. You should try the 50 pkt of OPK’s on ebay.. They worked for me and I may be pregnant now..

I found them excellent

TTC? OMG! A Guide to Common Conception Abbreviations

Huggies Forum Forum Help. Welcome Active Popular Browse. Sex every day?? Would love to know if anyone has tried this approach and succeeded!! Posted Friday 20 July am.

Couples who have been trying for a while can tell you that sex every day can be exhausting and can actually kill the romance. It can also cause.

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All I can think about is tiny socks and pacifiers, which makes it impossible to keep track of my grocery list. It varies each cycle, but normally I ovulate on CD 13, or 13 days after the first day of my period.

How often do you BD when TTC? Is every day OK?

But researchers at Yale University who surveyed women between the ages of 18 and 40 found that many women are unclear on the finer points of baby-making. Two-thirds believed that having sex in the two days after ovulation would increase their chances of conceiving false — the best time to have sex is the day before and the day of ovulation. Half thought that having sex several times a day would boost their chance of falling pregnant wrong — it decreases sperm count.

When we were ttc our third we bd everyday and every month for four months I got a BFN. Went to the GP and he suggested waiting till day ten to.

Honestly we try about twice during the fertile week, 2 days before ovulation roughly and the day I get a positive OPK. However, this month we are going to up our efforts and try for a few more times to increase our odds hopefully! Lots last month for the novelty, this month only fertile week. I have been told that skipping a day is only important if the man has had samples that showed low quantity or motility. Which makes sense to me.

I had heard the same thing about doing every other day for the sperm to regenerate but I thought it was a little off. Hopefully that ups our chances. But only men with already low sperm count are likely to fall below that threshold with daily sex. However this time around, we were all sick and we only had sex 3 times in several weeks. And I had thought my fertile week had already passed!

So it happened both ways for us. Then we BD the day of ovulation and the day after.

Getting pregnant: When is the BEST time to have sex?

Your fertile window is days during your menstrual cycle where it is possible for you to get pregnant. Women usually have a relatively short fertile window around the time where a mature egg or oocyte is released ovulation. The egg can only be fertilised by sperm, to make a baby in a critical hour timeframe after it has been released ovulated. I use the analogy clinically, that the egg is like a movie star passing quickly down the red carpet and the sperm are like paparazzi, hanging around, hoping to snap-up the egg.

It’s better to take a more relaxed approach if you can. Making sure you have sex every day without fail can be stressful too, particularly if you already have a family​.

I know this has been discussed many times before, but despite everything I have read I am still very confused about what to do! To me it just makes more sense that your chances are greater with every day no matter what?! Also, if you have to try for more than a few months, BDing gets to be more like a chore, so everyday gets to be overkill. Both times I got preganant, we would BD every other day the week of ovulation.

The first time I got pregnant on the second cycle. With my second pregnancy, I got my BFP after 4 cycles. I do agree with the stress BD can cause. I know the research says that you should go for everyday when there are no know problems, but we BD every day for a couple of months, and nothing happened. Because we were having no luck, we decided to try every other day for a month, and we got our BFP. It could be a coincidence, but I know a couple of other friends had the same succes with every other day.

First of, I am sorry about his cancer, i hope they got everything and he is doing better now.

How Often Should You Have Sex When Trying For A Baby?

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